The nature of you...

You are Nature; Nature is science; Life is all the sciences combined; Nature is a living, breathing organism; You are a living, breathing organism; Nature rules itself; Nature is the law; Nature governs; Nature provides; Nature protects; Nature rewards; Nature punishes; Nature is fair; Nature, left to its own devices, is perfectly balanced and healthy.

This is what Nature is and does, which is why what we ‘are’ and ‘do’ with what we ‘are’ is so important for our own health and well-being and that of the planet.

The ONE cause of our imprisonment...

Before we can be free, we must educate ourselves on what a cause actually is.

I believe that this is a major player for change.

I have had a problem with Newtons ‘Cause and Effect’ theory for some time. Not about the science of it necessarily, but how we perceive it and apply it to everyday life.