Attracting Mental Health

It’s interesting isn’t it, that often the expression ‘mental health’ immediately makes people think of mental illness. Oh, so and so has a ‘mental health issue’. Well which one are we talking about, mental illness or mental health? 

I have recently done a little social experiment where I asked people of all ages this question: “When I say these two words, tell me the first thing that pops into your head - “Mental Health.” 

The responses I got over and over again, were;  ‘Depression, anxiety, turmoil, unseen illness, stigma, ‘I need help”. 

Do you notice something here? 

I didn’t receive one single reference to mental ‘Health’, as I knew would be the case.Here is my view on both mental illness and mental health and how I approach this topic in my Freedom Counselling sessions.

Freedom Caused...Past Tense

Imagine if you will, that we have arrived. 

Humankind has emoted Universal Freedom from the powers that were. They are long gone, and through our ascended behaviours we are now living it.

No bills, no work, no fake authority, no central government, no disease, no man-made laws or their  enforcement, no mind control, no poor quality goods, no giant corporations and where neither the sword (physical violence) nor the pen (paper contracts) are mightier that the value of people.

Global Effects and The Law of Attraction

For any of you who have read the bestselling book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne or have listened to the work of Esther (Abraham) Hicks among many others on youtube, then you will likely have a good grasp of The Law of Attraction and how it works.

Causality. What causes a cause?

The definition of the word ‘cause’ is as follows:  ‘A cause is that which moves, excites or impels to action or effect’; ‘To produce; to bring into existence’

The definition of ‘causality’ is: ‘The agency of a cause; the action or power of a cause, in producing its effect.

(Websters 1828 dictionary)

Causing Freedom

Remember that all effects are things, situations, circumstances or symptoms and and that also, when we say we want Freedom, we mean we want to see it, feel it, sense it, smell it and touch it - in other words we want to live it out as an external effect in the physical domain because we know that our unseen spirit needs to function in it and through it.

The motive behind Freedom

Let’s face it, we have no desire to be controlled, manipulated, harassed for money or the need for our physical survival to be an issue, after all, nature’s resources are free. Combine natures resources with the skills and abilities of the amazing people among us and all our provisions, not only for our physical survival, but also our mental and emotional health and well-being are met. 

You see Freedom is already here and always has been. 

Emotion Vs Feelings

Note, I’ve written the word emotion in the singular. That is because emotion is just the eternal movement of energy.

Emotion doesn’t ‘feel’, it just moves around the cycle of cause and effect or ‘the law of attraction’ through us. It’s just eternal, energetic movement. 

The Journey from 3D to 5D

There is a lot of talk about ‘the awakening’ which is often described as mankind ascending energetically from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension.

For those of you who have never heard of these terms, in brief, the ‘dimensions’ are often described as energetic frequencies that relate to different times and space. I find this a bit mind boggling. I prefer to see the dimensions as ‘perceptions’.

The Importance of a Utopian Mindset

I make no apology. I am a Utopian and idealist and with very good reason.

I have often been accused, as if there is something wrong with me, of having utopian ideas and idealistic outlooks about life and the world in which we live and when I express them to others I am apparently being unrealistic, or I must be ‘living on another planet’ (which I probably am - a different energetic plane-et or dimension of thought and perception) and immediately I am closed down by ignorance.