The nature of you...

The nature of you...

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You are Nature; Nature is science; Life is all the sciences combined; Nature is a living, breathing organism; You are a living, breathing organism; Nature rules itself; Nature is the law; Nature governs; Nature provides; Nature protects; Nature rewards; Nature punishes; Nature is fair; Nature, left to its own devices, is perfectly balanced and healthy.

This is what Nature is and does, which is why what we ‘are’ and ‘do’ with what we ‘are’ is so important for our own health and well-being and that of the planet.

If a concept or ideal isn’t found in nature, it is man-made and therefore inauthentic and synthetic. Its foundations are weak and will upset the balance and health of our world and us.

Nature is to be used and not abused; it is to be worked with and not against the very nature of itself. We require these same conditions to thrive.

Symbolically speaking then and with nature in mind, you and your life began as a seed and as a seed you were planted into the soil by natural means (propagation from something that existed before you – your ancestors). Within all seeds resides pure potential and memory. When the conditions are right and fertilisation takes place, the potential and memory is ‘activated’ and ‘birthed’. The soil where the birthing takes place is the foundation for the successful survival of a seed, an environment which contains and furnishes all the nutriment (needs) a seed requires to physically take root. Remember, you are not the soil – you are born into the soil – the container of nutriment.

Once the seed takes root and becomes grounded and secure in its foundation (the earth), it begins to grow upwards until it is exposed to the big wide world and becomes a seedling. Now the seedling requires nurture via the other three natural elements of nature - sunlight (energy and inspiration), water (freedom of movement) and wind (experience) in order to thrive and strengthen if it is to reach its highest and healthiest potential. These elements are required for growth. The stem grows higher and produces leaves (learning). It sheds a few and grows new ones throughout this time of growth.

When it matures, it develops a bud – containing the accumulation of deeds and experience. When the correct season arrives, the bud opens and expresses its full beauty for all to see. Its full beauty (highest potential) always has an offering in the form of a fragrance or fruit. A flower never keeps its fragrance for itself but releases it out into the world for the benefit of others to enjoy. A fruit is the same. A tree doesn’t keep its fruit for itself; it drops it as a gift to those fortunate enough to walk by at the right time.

When that job is complete, the potential of the life of the flower is spent and ‘judgement’ occurs at its completed journey (con – science or ‘with science’) and nature ensures that the memories contained within its ‘seeds of deeds’ are propagated back into the soil until the cycle begins again.

Meanwhile, decay of the physical takes place, no longer required. The spirit or essence has left, contained within the new seeds, resting until the conditions are ripe for rebirth.

Pollination by the way has been excluded from the story because it is symbolic of ‘others’ (bees) taking the knowledge contained in the flower in the attempt to make something of it (the younger generation for example) and is not therefore, part of the journey of the flower itself.

So, with that understanding, you now need to ask, ‘Do I have free access to a secure foundation in a natural environment providing me with the quality nutriment I need for my physical survival’? ‘Do I have the freedom to awaken each day and choose what to do with it’? ‘Am I free to move to where I need to go at any time’? ‘Do I have opportunities and access to the experiences I need to flourish and thrive’? ‘Do I know what wonder I am here to produce for the benefit of others and if not, why not?

The question which remains is: are you thriving or wilting? Our world is most certainly the latter and I’m pretty sure we are too.

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