Freedom comes from within? Yes, but hold on...

Freedom comes from within? Yes, but hold on...

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When I hear or read that ‘freedom is or comes from within’, my ‘something isn’t right’ receptor starts poking me and I become all defensive like!

In my view, freedom is an external living condition which is a reflection of how 'free' we are to express the four natural elements of our nature - our thoughts (air), Intuition (water), will (fire) and capabilities or inner resources (Earth). You may have heard the saying ‘as within, so without’?

By saying 'freedom comes from within' implies that if we can harness that and project it out into the world, miraculously our 'freedom' will manifest without.  I think we are missing something here. Our freedom within can only manifest without if it is not stopped from doing so.

Here is a personal example of what I mean.

I have this great visualisation I use to ‘free’ myself from the powers that shouldn’t be. I am in an aeroplane just coming into land. As we descend and fly over the hundreds of cars in the airport car parks about to touch the runway, I suspend the flight and it stops in mid-air and I know that in that moment, they can’t touch me. The bills and my debts I can do nothing about, I can’t pay any tax and I don’t have to go to work. I feel free in those moments; 'they' are non-existent, as is politics, banking or any other man-made tool of control.

But that wasn’t my 'freedom within' at work. It was a few minutes of freedom without.

I have also attempted to keep bailiffs away from my door over a parking ticket I refused to pay by using my 'freedom within' and putting an energetic field around my house, one so strong they couldn’t get close….I don’t care for them, I don’t register them as an authority of any kind and I don’t need paper laws to know what right doing is…, I am free of all that nonsense. It’s not even on my radar. To me, they mean nothing.

However, it didn’t stop them coming around the back of my house one day, clamping my car and charging me nearly £400 I didn’t have to give to get it unclamped and my life back.

My freedom within failed me!

My take on ‘freedom within’ is this:

Our inner freedom is made up of the four energetic elements of nature within us all and their 'unrestricted movement through external expression'.  Energy needs to move. It isn’t designed to stand still, be contained or ruled.

These natural, energetic elements within us are our ‘freedom within’. So yes, freedom is within, it is already there, swirling about waiting for the opportunity to be expressed in the external world. It is prevented from doing so however.

So please, can we refrain from using the 'freedom comes from within' card as if that’s the answer to 'being free', and point our attention on why we're not? Even those telling us our 'freedom is within' aren't free.

I know I have freedom within, but it’s redundant if I’m not ‘allowed’ or I am prevented from exercising it, or in other words, if my freedom within is prevented from reflecting itself back at me in my external world!

'Be the change you want to see'…yep, lovely, but the same applies! How about ‘See the change you want to be’ then?…oh I can see it alright! I’m prevented from using it though, unless I ignore the violence that will come my way if I try to do anything about it!

Therefore, perhaps it’s a really good idea if we all focus on and address the ‘as without, so within’ part of the equation and dig out the toxic effects which prevent our ‘as within’ from becoming ‘as without’ because it works both ways and unless we do, our freedom within doesn’t stand a chance – and then what will be the point of having it at all – which I've no doubt is by design! 



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