The ONE cause of our imprisonment...

The ONE cause of our imprisonment...


Before we can be free, we must educate ourselves on what a cause actually is.

I believe that this is a major player for change.

I have had a problem with Newtons ‘Cause and Effect’ theory for some time. Not about the science of it necessarily, but how we perceive it and apply it to everyday life.

When we look at a problem in our world or a ‘negative effect’, whether it’s personal, societal or global, we often jump to the conclusion that it’s the work of the Government, The Bankers, Money, Paper Laws, The hidden hand etc as the causes. In actual fact, as toxic as these are, they are also merely effects.

Effects are just a manifested thing, situation or circumstance and believe it or not that’s all they are.

Let me give you a few examples of where we misuse the word ‘cause’ and its meaning.

A perfect example is this one: ‘The migrant crisis has ‘caused’ upheaval!’


This is incorrect. It should say ‘The ‘cause’ of the migrant crisis has manifested the effect of upheaval’. Do you see the difference?

‘We are fighting for a cause!’. No, you are attempting to manifest a different effect; a different thing, situation or circumstance.

‘The snow has ‘caused’ chaos for drivers!’ No, it is the drivers who have manifested the effect of chaos by driving their vehicles in unsuitable weather.

What we fail to understand is that nature doesn’t need a cause to justify its existence. In the snow example, this weather is an effect of a ‘natural phenomenon’ (this is not the time to bring in weather manipulation by the way). Natural phenomena don’t need ‘causes’. Nature is source and therefore it just is and just does.

Another example of this is if you fill a wash hand basin with water and then remove the plug, the likelihood is that you will believe that by pulling the plug out of the plug hole will ‘cause’ the water to drain away. This is incorrect. Removing the plug did not ‘cause’ the water to drain away as there was no ‘cause’ involved. The water drained away due to a NATURAL law or phenomenon – in this case – gravity. There is no cause to gravity – it just is and just does.

We can argue all day that nature has a cause, but it is irrelevant. Remember, we aren’t trying to change nature but the effects obstructing our freedoms.

It is said that all effects pre-exist in the cause. So, the questions remaining then are ‘What is a cause?’, ‘What ‘causes’ a ‘cause’?’, and how do you get to a cause in order to change effects?

A cause is the motive found at the very foundation of layers upon layers of effects. The motive can be one of two things; ‘right ’ or ‘wrong’.

causes pic.jpg

Healthy causes contain the motive of ‘right doing’ and manifest healthy effects which do no harm to the life, rights or property of another. This is right doing.

Toxic causes contain the motive of ‘wrong doing’ and manifest toxic effects which are anti-nature, synthetic and harm and abuse nature (including us). This is wrong doing.

Nature only ever does right. Only people do wrong, and the cause of our imprisonment is simply our wrong doing and the synthetic, ‘anti-nature’ of the way we live life.

So how do we ‘cause’ freedom?

Firstly, every time you use, hear or read the word ‘cause’ switch it to an effect. You’ll notice there are many layers of effects. Switch them all until you get to the ‘nature of it’ (or anti-nature of it) and there you will find the cause - the very motive which needs to change from wrong doing to right.

Then we change that motive to universal right doing in everything we say and do - universal mind you - that means it must support the health and well being of other people and that is where you will get your own needs met. 

Only then can we enjoy the effect of true freedom.

The nature of you...

The nature of you...