Why effects speak louder than words...

Why effects speak louder than words...

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An effect is simply the manifestation of a thing, situation or circumstance. It is merely a reflection of behaviour or action and not an equal and opposite reaction as we are led to believe.

An effect is your name, house, car, job, illness, wealth, debt, even your body; as is a painting, parking fine or a book. Effects are what doctors treat, Judges punish and pharmaceutical drugs relieve. They are the symptoms or symbols reflecting balanced or imbalanced emotion.

The reason I say that effects speak louder than words rather than actions, is because when an effect is manifested into the realm of the seen, action has already taken place. It’s done.

Effects are temporary, can change but don’t move and this is important to remember.

Every single action we take in our lives, every day, we take in the attempt to attain effects that we believe will make us feel more well, comfortable or whole, immediately or ultimately, whether as an individual, a city, or a country.

Whether it’s a job to pay the bills, a bigger, better quality house or car, a more reliable bus service or faster planes or trains, it’s always effects we strive for.

We are so busy striving for the wrong effects instead of the right ones that would benefit all of us, that we are completely missing life.

The truth of the matter is that the effects that mankind is living with now are the opposite of what they should be. On a personal level we are having to endure endless poor health effects – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, on a societal level we have homelessness, unemployment and austerity while globally we have violence and unrest to name a few.

If the detrimental and chaotic effects we are seeing, feeling and living amongst today are reflections of our actions and behaviour then surely individually and collectively, we’ve got life very wrong. If we were living ‘right’, surely our world and lives would be harmonious and supportive where optimum health, abundance and freedom would be the effects instead.

As I think most of us would agree, there are more good people doing the right thing in the world than there are bad people doing the wrong thing aren’t there?

We all want to do the right thing don’t we? After all, are we not taught that whether an action or behaviour is ‘right’ and ‘good’ or ‘wrong’ and ‘bad’ will determine what reward or punishment will return to our lives as ‘an equal and opposite reaction’ (commonly understood as karma, consequence or payback?)

So if the majority of us are ‘doing the right thing’ where are the positive effects or reflections of that in our lives and world?

This is why effects speak louder than words and it is on effects; the manifested things, situations or circumstances that we should be focussing our attention on at this time.

When we take a good look at effects, we are looking in a mirror. The image or effect we see is one that we have played a part in manifesting into the seen. We may think we know what the cause of the effect is too, but I can assure you that whatever cause we think it is we are likely just looking at a previous effect. We must track back through layers and layers of them until we arrive at ‘the nature of it’ - the genuine motive which is where the real ‘cause’ lives and where the effects pre-existed before they manifested into our lives or the world.

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