The Importance of a Utopian Mindset

The Importance of a Utopian Mindset


I make no apology. I am a Utopian and idealist and with very good reason.

I have often been accused, as if there is something wrong with me, of having utopian ideas and idealistic outlooks about life and the world in which we live and when I express them to others I am apparently being unrealistic, or I must be ‘living on another planet’ (which I probably am - a different energetic plane-et or dimension of thought and perception) and immediately I am closed down by ignorance. 

It’s funny how we are all turned away from the scent towards a better life and world simply by making a mockery of a certain word which merely describes the potential of awesomeness.

The reason I make no apology is because I know that emotion turns into thoughts and that thoughts turn into things. If you think utopia is impossible you are going to get impossible. On the other hand if you think possible you are going to get possible.

So my question is: ‘Why on Earth wouldn’t we give utopia a go?’

I am not so naive to think all can be perfect at any one time because the nature of life is always evolving and what may be perceived as perfect can always be improved upon and so perfect doesn’t really exist.

However, I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to aim for the best. Are they really so comfortable with what is that it isn’t worth trying? Is it because they believe that the powers that shouldn’t be wouldn’t allow it? Perhaps.

But if there is enough energy (emotion) behind each idea for betterment, that is what we will get. It’s how the law of attraction works. Feel it first, then it manifests.

Utopia describes a world where everyone gets along, is loving and respectful to each other regardless of their physical differences who remain in optimum health and live in the perfect environment for living happily, peacefully and contented, where nature is relished and swims in emotional gratitude for our respect, in turn providing us with unquestioned abundance and vitality.

I can feel some of you reading this, squirming at the yucky sweetness of it’s possibility. So sweet is the vision that it makes you feel nauseous. 

As much as utopia is currently out of reach when we look at our world and our own lives right now - why wouldn’t we aim for it anyway? Is it something you wouldn’t wish to be included in or be a part of?

Ah, you would. You just don’t think it’s possible, right?

Well I do. Like everything else, it’s already here and if we want that better world, even if we don’t quite achieve utopia just now, the belief in its possibility needs to be nurtured with positive emotion behind it. 

So, why delay?

Is it okay to believe in ‘heaven on earth’ but not ‘utopia’? I think you’ll find they are the same thing!

When you see a stunning sunset, do you not gasp in awe? That is a piece of utopia. When you smell the earth in the woodland on a rainy day, don’t you breathe in deeply, inhale those smells and feel immediately relaxed and enjoy a brief sense of total well-being? That is a piece of utopia and the emotion it carries.

Now tell me you don’t think it’s possible…after all, as the saying goes, ‘if you do what you did, you’ll get what you got’.

Is this really what you want?

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