The Journey from 3D to 5D

The Journey from 3D to 5D


There is a lot of talk about ‘the awakening’ which is often described as mankind ascending in consciousness (an awareness of what’s really going on) from the 3rd material ‘dimension’ to the 5th dimension where unity, harmony and well-being is a way of life instead.

For those of you who have never heard of these terms, in brief, the ‘dimensions’ are often described as energetic frequencies that relate to different times and space. I find this a bit mind boggling. I prefer to see the dimensions as ‘perceptions’.

The 3rd dimension or ‘perception’ is the one we are currently living in. It’s the material, narcissistic, me, me, me world, full of fear for survival and generally made up of a dense energetic field which is for some, like treading treacle.

I find this 3rd dimension very much like that. It is where material accumulation is more important than the physical, mental and emotional well-being of people and indeed the planet. It is where nature isn’t used but is abused and is harmful to the biological make up of nature and us. It is where our nurture and the requirements we need to thrive are difficult to access and nearly everything is illusion described as truth.

Then there is lots of discussion about the 5th dimension. This is the perception where the energetic frequency of people is reflected in the outer world as lighter and of a higher energetic vibration. It is where freedom and well-being reign and where the systems that dominated and controlled the 3D material world were made obsolete long ago.

There is unity in 5D because universal love and care has been tapped in to. The well-being of people and the planet comes first. All survival needs are met for free. There is no money, no bills, no violence, no man made laws, no fake authority, and no commerce as we know it. There are no organised religions or political governments and there is little physical illness. There is harmony and peace. We are fully re-connected to the unseen realms which is where everything happens before it is manifest into the seen which has always been the case but because we now ‘re-cognise’ that in the 5th, we have remembered how to work with it instead of against it which is why it works for all.

So what about the 4th dimension? In my experience, this dimension or perception is spoken about and discussed the least and yet the understanding of it is vital in ‘bridging’ the other two.

There is no method on Earth that can take us directly from the 3rd dimension to the 5th. It is a process, and in my view this process is ‘the awakening’ people are talking about.

I perceive the 4th dimension as ‘The Bridge’ or ‘The struggle’. It is where we live in one physical reality and yet yearn to live in another because we can see and feel that another, more harmonious and inclusive way to live is possible, and so our focus and attention becomes one of ‘how do we get from 3 to 5?’ ‘What can I do to help get us there?’

The 4th dimension is where we go on the search for truth. I know because I have researched intensely how the world really works for the best part of a decade and have been living in this 4th dimension for a long time. It is difficult because you have to undo everything you’ve been conditioned to believe is true. Whether that is conditioning from your parents, teachers, friends, religious leaders, politicians or the mainstream media - it is a shock to the system when what you thought was true actually isn’t, from why we are here to what we are here to do, how we should really be living, what really happened in our history, who really is behind the control system, why you didn’t actually need to go to school, or work, or need money for your physical survival, the list goes on. 

This means that to comply and live as ‘expected’ makes you go against the current of your own river (your values and principles) which is not good for your health and well-being.

It is a very lonely road this journey because the people around you don’t ‘get’ you and you find you have less and less to talk about together because once you have done your research there is no going back. You cannot un-hear what you have heard or un-see what you have seen. It is a masterclass in discernment and it is that, that makes you want to leap into the 5th dimension where humankind have actually got life right and you want to go now and take everyone with you!

Sadly, that is not how it works. There is serious work to do in the 4th dimension both personally and collectively and each one of us has to go through it. I must also add that there are a few ‘awakening stages’ within each dimension that become leaps in understanding and perception and it is those leaps that enhance the awakening because you change what you ‘do’ and know more about WHO you are and what you value. Those stages will have to be for another article.

So back to the 4th dimension then. What happens in the 4th is you have to deal with the emotions of betrayal and anger at being, quite frankly robbed of the truth. The even sadder part of it is that those who conditioned you were also robbed by their conditioning as were those before them and back and back goes the story to where it all went wrong; wherever that is.  

The positives of being in the 4th though? You are getting there and that is crucial if we want to manifest a new world of harmony, unity and the well-being of our people and our planet. If you have a thirst for knowledge and truth instead of material gain you have ascended the 3rd dimension. If others accuse you of being from another planet because you don’t follow the norm, you are here. It’s called the 4th dimension my friend and I’m right here with you. 

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