Mastering Emotional Law

Mastering Emotional Law


All is emotion. 

Emotion is the causal factor of all effects, be they personal, societal or global.

Effects are just emotions manifested into the realm of the seen. They can be heard, seen, touched, smelled or tasted. 

Emotions on the other hand cannot. They are hidden from our 5 physical senses because they reside in the unseen realm. Emotions are energetic movement and they never cease. 

‘All things move us and we move all things’ or ‘all emotion moves us and our e-motion (energetic motion) moves all things’.

This is why emotional law is so important.

So where do emotions come from? They come from that with which we are emotionally affected by and we are affected by all things, situations or circumstances (effects) whether they were manifested by ourselves or by others. 

You see what happens is, our energetic movement (emotion) is propelled forward by what we have just been emotionally affected by. That energy then smacks into our thoughts and thoughts ultimately make things (or effects). Then that emotion combined with those thoughts generate a feeling or desire and then an intent to act. That action manifests an effect by which we will be affected or ‘moved’ by emotionally and the whole cycle begins again.

Depending on what sort of emotional experience (affect) that this latest effect has moved within you will depend on where that energy goes next. It has generated a ‘motive’ or new cause to feel more well, comfortable or whole. This is the motive for absolutely everything we do in our lives. Really all we want is to get ‘high’…emotionally and ride freely along the high vibrational energy frequency of happiness, joy and peace (which explains why so many people self medicate through drink, drugs, shopping, eating, making more money etc), it is the high vibrational emotion they are after.

Now if our conditioning and beliefs are incorrect, untrue and therefore misguided, so will our desires and our intent and our next action will also be misguided, whether we achieve the effect that we believe will make us feel better or not it will affect everything and everybody else. This is known as the ‘ripple effect’ or ‘knock on effect’.

All is emotion and emotion is causality. When that moves into thought, all becomes mind where thoughts make things, situations or circumstances through desire, intent and action or behaviour.

If your motive or emotion is of a low frequency such as apathy or fear for example, that emotion is going to hit negative thought and therefore throughout the cycle of cause and effect you will receive more of what you don’t want.

It is so important to understand that everything we want is already here, in the energetic field of all possibility. Your happiness, your health, your loving relationship, your abundance, all of it already exists. By mastering emotional law you will tap into it and bring it in to the seen realm but to do that you must tap into the emotion you want to feel if you had it BEFORE it manifests. Emotion IS the cause of manifestation.

Knowing it is all possible and there for you is hard to believe when you don’t physically have it to see, touch, taste, smell or experience - it feels like you are lying to yourself. I used to think this too until I FULLY trusted and accepted that everything I want is already here.

If your thought is negative you’ll get more of it, if your thought is positive you’ll get more of it because automagically, the thought you put out you’ll get back in manifested form.

So keep your emotions high. Feel love, feel abundance and gratitude, feel happiness, feel well, feel relief, feel peace and that’s what you’ll get. This is mastering emotional law.

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