Emotion Vs Feelings

Emotion Vs Feelings


Note, I’ve written the word emotion in the singular. That is because emotion is just the eternal movement of energy.

Emotion doesn’t ‘feel’, it just moves about and around the cycle of cause and effect or ‘the law of attraction’ through us. It’s that simple. 

As I have said, every single action we take is an attempt to help us feel more well, comfortable or whole and each of us has an unseen motive to arrive on a clear, energetic frequency (preferred radio station if you like) which is the main driver for our emotion (energetic movement), motive or cause (they are the same thing). That is either the frequency or ‘dormant state’ of Love, Peace or Joy. It is from these frequencies that we are ‘motivated’.

If you reflect on your life and the choices and decisions you have made, you will notice that, as much as we would like to live on all 3 frequencies, one of the three has been your key motive or ‘driver’ all along. It is where you know (not believe - but know) where your ‘wellness’ lives.

As we go round and round the cause and effect cycle trying to achieve a ‘leg up’ to our preferred state, if the effect doesn’t cut it and we fail, we are ‘affected’ or moved again around the cycle in a new search or with a new cause for achieving the state we want to live on. On the other hand, if we do get a glimpse or taste of it we will travel around the cycle for more!

Of course, we can reach these states in meditation for example but it’s a bit impractical to meditate 24/7 when ‘life’ is happening all the while, so it makes sense that we constantly chase it via our busy, daily lives.

On to feelings then.

When our motive or emotion is travelling in the search for our clear radio station via the cycle of cause and effect, the first place it encounters is our thoughts where it is activated and the process of manifesting something into form begins. Our thoughts ask, “How can I get to my desired state from here?” or “Why can’t I get there?”, in which case we will ask “What or who is in my way?”.

Our answer to any of those questions will depend on our beliefs and conditioning about life and the world which may be incorrect or untrue. This is why getting to ‘truth’ and researching for accurate knowledge is so important. 

Regardless of what you know or think to be true, your emotion or movement will filter through your physical body depending on those thoughts. 

This movement generates the physical ‘feelings’ we know as happiness, excitement, sadness, or fear for example. But feelings are just the emotion (energetic movement) physically vibrating as opposed to being the emotion itself and that vibration is the physical ‘feeling’ we recognise somewhere in our body. 

That ‘feeling’ directs us to our intent to act, we act, manifest an effect (desired or undesired) and our movement or emotion becomes an affect - and our new cause or our fresh motive is to have another go and so the cycle begins again. To become affected means we have moved closer or further away from our dominant or preferred state for our ‘wellness’ by the effect that precedes it.

Here is an example to highlight the cycle.

Jenny’s dominant frequency is Peace. Her emotion filters to her thoughts where the question “How can I get there?” is posed. Her thoughts take the energy to the vision of a beach but then her thoughts tell her, “There is something in your way”. This thought makes her moving energy (emotion) vibrate in her solar plexus area where the feelings of fear, excitement and courage live. It’s uncomfortable because the negative of the three feelings is making itself felt. She fears it is not possible to go to a beach in the search of her desired state because she can’t take the time off work to go and therefore, ‘work’ is in her way. Her emotion is now vibrating as a feeling of frustration, which changes to a feeling of resentment, which lowers the vibration of her emotion further. 

All negative emotion vibrates at a slower speed due to its denser frequency, dragging down mood with it. Her intent is to carry on working and sacrificing her perceived need for time at a beach (a place of peace) because her thoughts have told her it is not possible. Her desired effect hasn’t manifested which affects her emotion. All she can do is go round the cycle again.

Now let’s look at this example another way.

Jenny’s dominant frequency is Peace. Her emotion filters to her thoughts where the question “How can I get there?” is posed. Her thoughts take the energy to the vision of a beach. This vision makes her moving energy (emotion) vibrate in her solar plexus area where the feelings of fear, excitement and  courage live. She chooses to raise the feeling of courage and ‘emotes’ (moves) it into her heart space where nothing can be in her way because here feelings vibrate higher and faster and will therefore attract positive intent, positive action (booking time off at work to visit a beach), which ultimately attracts the effect she desires. At the beach, the positive affect (the opportunity to be at peace) became her new motive to go around the cycle again with the same attitude in order to attract more opportunities for achieving her dominant motivational frequency.

What this example highlights is that by keeping positive ‘feelings’ in our heart space not only helps the vibration of our emotion and therefore our mood to remain high, but that this is what is required to attract the ‘state’ we desire to feel more well, comfortable or whole into our life.

Now as much as I know this works, because I’ve tried it, I cannot ignore those parts of life that do impede our way to our desired frequency for wellness. Some say these are ‘perceived’ blocks and just negative thoughts and perceptions about the world. I disagree.  

Mother Earth, Gaia, our Planet, (call it what you will) and all that is on it, even the Universe is emotional (moves energetically) and has ‘feelings’ (vibrations) which come back and affect us and she is affected by us. This is what is known as an ‘equal and opposite reaction’.

Therefore, I do think we all have a responsibility to work to make all institutions which do not have Love, Peace or Joy or the wellness of mankind at heart or under their motive, obsolete, for the benefit of us all, including our planet.

I suggest we will be able to visit our preferred state more often, even live there from time to time to ‘regenerate’. When we all act to help the whole planet and its people reach their preferred frequency we will ‘automagically’ get access to our own.

This would mean that Love, Peace and Joy would need to be at the forefront of our thoughts and under our will in every action we take in life. From what we do for a living to what we choose to value and how we treat ourselves.

What this also proves is that to cause freedom - an external effect containing love, peace and joy must be ‘emoted’ into form with love, peace and joy. 

There is no other way.

What is Freedom anyway?

What is Freedom anyway?