Causing Freedom

Causing Freedom


Remember that all effects are things, situations, circumstances or symptoms and and that also, when we say we want Freedom, we mean we want to see it, feel it, sense it, smell it and touch it - in other words we want to live it out as an external effect in the physical domain because we know that our unseen spirit needs to function in it and through it.

I have always known that our Freedom must be caused and not fought for. 

If all causality is motive (unless we are talking about nature which doesn’t need one), then it makes sense that the effect called Freedom must be ‘emoted’ into physical manifestation or caused with the right motive, right thought, right feeling, right intent and right action or behaviour. That is the only way we’ll get the right effect.

So the real work that needs to be done is energetic in nature and we need to move or ‘emote’ Freedom into physical existence.

This is why I believe the freedom of people hasn’t manifested for thousands of years. Because it’s been fought for like there is no other way. Lives have been lost for the cause (in other words it’s had the wrong motive and emotion or energetic movement behind it).

As much as everyone is different and we appreciate and respect the differences of others such as their likes, preferences, views and opinions etc, fundamentally it can’t be argued that we all want the same thing beneath all that which is access to the experience of love, peace and joy because these energetic frequencies keep us energetically well. 

When we are energetically (emotionally) unhindered, we are mentally uplifted and therefore physically well and as I have said before, every single action we take, every single day of our lives, we take in the attempt to feel more well, comfortable or whole - as do those who impede our access to energetic well-being, but fall foul to the illusory imitations to peace, love and joy such as material ambition and greed, an insatiable need for power over others and the willingness to use violence to get it.

Man-made concepts such as money, governments, and the enforcement of man-made laws that keep people a slave to them, then they do not have love, peace or joy at their foundation. They are therefore built on sand and are unsustainable, so we must question the need for them and find an alternative to their purpose that does have the right motive behind it.

We must ensure that the motive of our work is moral (universal and heart based) as this has love under it. That our work promotes freedom as this has peace under it. That our work promotes unity as this has joy under it.

This means that Love, Peace and Joy need to be at the forefront of our thoughts and under our will in every action we take in life. From what we do for a living to what we choose to value and how we treat ourselves.

What this also proves is that to cause freedom - an external effect providing more opportunity for love, peace and joy - must be ‘emoted’ into form with love, peace and joy. 

There is no other way.

The motive behind Freedom

The motive behind Freedom