The motive behind Freedom

The motive behind Freedom


Let’s face it, we have no desire to be controlled, manipulated, harassed for money or the need for our physical survival to be an issue, after all, nature’s resources are free. Combine natures resources with the skills and abilities of the amazing people among us and all our provisions, not only for our physical survival, but also our mental and emotional health and well-being are met. 

You see Freedom is already here and always has been. 

Some say freedom is within. It still can’t be ignored though that whether it is within or not, unless it can be expressed in the outside world it means it is restricted. 

Life is set up to compel us to achieve an imitation of freedom via self-serving methods akin to the attitudes and drives of those who make up the restrictions, however this is illusory freedom because you are still living in a box with four walls and usually have to support the very control system that restricts the real thing via what you do for a living and the bigger money you make the closer you are to the control group.

It’s a good idea when discussing the topic of freedom I find, to define what it actually is. It’s all very well saying we want freedom from this and that when we haven’t even contemplated what it would feel like if we had it.

When I say I want freedom, I am actually desiring the frequency of peace. I desire the peace to ‘be’, to wake up and choose what to do with my day, everyday and to choose how I would like to occupy my time on that day whether that is learning or experiencing something new, serving or teaching others how to benefit from what I know or can do that they can’t yet, having a ‘sofa’ day to recharge my batteries or spending the day with friends. I desire the peace to be intuitively and synchronistically guided on how to occupy MY time with MY life. 

I want to help when I feel like helping, I want to rest when I feel like resting, I want to learn when I feel like learning, I want to experience when I feel like experiencing and I want to express myself when I feel like expressing myself. The key word here isn’t ‘want’, it’s ‘when’.

When we are peaceful, the inspiration, love and creativity that resides in our energetic field can be tapped into and used for the benefit of ourselves and everyone else. If we are not free to be peaceful, that is lost. (Think of the gifted artist sitting behind the desk of an office job right now!).

The 3D, material world we live in robs us all of that peace. We may snatch moments of it, usually when the bills are paid or when sat in meditation or contemplation for a short while or strolling on a beach or sat under a tree in nature.  I’ve no doubt it’s why some people decide to live with very little and head off into the Amazon or some other remote destination to live where there is less opportunity for the invasion of peace by the control structures we live by which smash it to bits. Peace and control can’t live in the same energetic space. 

When we do find peace we can find more opportunity for love and joy. We can connect more often to all that is, to all that is going on in the unseen where everything happens before it is manifested into form. In fact, it is in the unseen where REALITY lives and external life is a reflection of that.

So whenever we say we want freedom from the controlling influence of the powers that shouldn’t be (who incidentally are also a collective emotional entity attempting to experience a higher emotional frequency), we in fact want to tap in and tune in to the high vibrational, energetic frequency known as peace.

What if we all focussed our attention on the frequency of peace rather than freedom and worked to make anything that gets in its way obsolete? I suppose the question that remains is, ‘What comes first, the freedom to bring us peace or the peace to bring us freedom?' 

I’ll let you answer that.

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