Causality. What causes a cause?

Causality. What causes a cause?

The definition of the word ‘cause’ is as follows:  ‘A cause is that which moves, excites or impels to action or effect’; ‘To produce; to bring into existence’

The definition of ‘causality’ is: ‘The agency of a cause; the action or power of a cause, in producing its effect.

(Websters 1828 dictionary)

A cause is motive. This is what moves, excites or impels to action or effect. It is the ‘agent’ which starts the movement (emotion or energy in motion) to ultimately produce an effect.

The effect we wish to produce is Freedom. The external condition we can ‘work’ through to improve ourselves, thrive and grow.

Before I go on, I need to talk about Nature and the Universe (the united song) and why it doesn’t need a cause.

Nature doesn’t need a cause or motive (these are the same thing). It just is and it just does. Our inner nature or what we call ‘spirit’ is the same except in human form we have to ‘work it’ through our physical body. Our planet is a body of the universe which I suppose we can say does the same thing. The difference is that the universe is purely energetic and although it may ‘work’ through the body of Earth, free will isn’t required to do so.

Natural, universal laws are perfect and for this reason nature doesn’t need a cause (or motive). An example of where we misuse the word is in the following example:

If you put a plug in the plughole of a wash hand basin and fill it with water, the likelihood is that when you pull the plug out and the water drains away, you will say that your action of pulling the plug out ‘caused’ the water to drain away. 

But it didn’t. You manifested the effect, yes, but the water going down the plughole was due to the natural law of Gravity - which doesn’t need a cause, it just is and it just does.

We humans however, do need a cause or motive though because we have free will. This is the agent - the middle man so to speak, which we must work with to get our effect.

So where does our motive (cause) come from? What motivates or causes that? 

It’s already here in the unseen and in all of us. Like nature itself, it just is. It’s our natural motivator - the energetic frequency of peace, love and/or joy. 

These three high energetic frequencies are the cause of everything. They are ‘causality’ - the motive of every single human on the planet. 

Now depending on how these frequencies are sought, individually and collectively, will determine the effects in one’s own life, our society or our world.

If you see detrimental effects, you know there is no legitimate peace, love and/or joy at their cause but the fear of not reaching their frequencies instead. 

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