Global Effects and The Law of Attraction

Global Effects and The Law of Attraction

For any of you who have read the bestselling book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne or have listened to the work of Esther (Abraham) Hicks among many others on youtube, then you will likely have a good grasp of The Law of Attraction and how it works.

If you haven’t, I suggest you do.

The gist of it is that everything we desire is already in the energetic field of all possibility around us. By focussing our attention on feeling the emotional reward of having what we desire before we have it is what ‘brings it in’ or ‘attracts’ it into our life in manifested form.

It works. I test it often and it’s actually fun to practice and to see what flies in.

That said, I think we are missing a trick with it’s use and here is why.

Its principle use is self serving, claiming that YOU can desire anything YOU want for YOUR life because there is unlimited abundance for everyone in the energetic field or vortex (unsurprisingly, the most common desire is for more financial abundance). 

Now as much as this is probably true, many of us sense that in requesting abundance, particularly financial, that doing so supports the very organisations that work to keep us out of the ‘field of abundance’ (banks, big corporations etc) and so we tend to put the brakes on and be very cautious about what we ask for when practicing The Law of Attraction, in turn blocking our own access to it.

I believe that all causality (when it comes to people) is motive and that the motive of all human beings is to achieve the energetic state or frequency of Peace, Love and/or Joy, individually and collectively.

If in Freedom resides the frequency of peace - the peace to move, think, express, act, create and experience, then we need to focus on it and feel it NOW.

If in Universal, heart based, moral action resides Love - giving, receiving, supporting and caring, then we need to focus on it and feel it NOW.

If in unity, resides Joy - family, friends, togetherness, co-creation, communication and good company, then we need to focus on it and feel it NOW.

All three ALREADY EXIST - right here, right now. They always have and always will do.

Our purpose here on Earth is to ‘bring these in’, TO ATTRACT THEM into manifested form. To attract Heaven on Earth.

Moaning about the Cabal, the Deep State, corrupt Bankers and underhanded Governments etc places our attention on them and so what do we attract more of?  Precisely! More of it. Where attention goes, energy flows…

Now is the time to take the Law of Attraction up a level and use it in a more advanced way and we do this by desiring all that we want FOR EVERYONE on the planet - abundance, wellbeing, peace, love and joy.

That way, by attracting these universal delights for all, we ‘automagically’ attract and manifest them into our own life in the process.  

This is the true meaning of ‘an equal and opposite reaction’ in Issac Newton’s theory of cause and effect - it’s the unseen, energy in motion (emotion) that attracts the tangible effects. 

If we focus our attention on universal freedom, universal unity and universal care with the emotional rewards of Peace, Joy and Love at the foundation of our actions - Bingo! Only that will we ‘bring in’.

The Law of Cause and Effect...

The Law of Cause and Effect...

Causality. What causes a cause?

Causality. What causes a cause?