The Law of Cause and Effect...

The Law of Cause and Effect...

…mis-taught, misinterpreted, misunderstood and misused.

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is ‘The Law’. It cannot be changed or cheated in any way. It is the only ‘rule’ humanity needs to adopt to get life right.

The common teaching, interpretation, understanding and use of this law is often simplified by the saying ‘what you put in, you get out’. If you put in so much ‘force’ (energy, attention) you will get the same back from the other side in equal measure. 

For example; if you work hard, you may get paid more at the end of the month and that is the equal and opposite reaction from your ‘effort’.

However, this is where I believe the cause and effect theory is mis-taught, mis-interpreted and mis-understood and that is because I think the effects in the examples above are not the ‘equal and opposite reaction’ to the behaviour or action but merely a reflection of effort (or the force of it).

I say that because to me a ‘reaction’ is an independent force that comes AFTER a manifested effect. It is the wider response if you like - or the AFFECT.

Here are a few examples of what I mean.

Let’s say a young person assaulted another and they get arrested and put into jail as an effect of that behaviour (the reflection), but because they used a weapon, that crime increases and further mans laws, rules and restrictions are put into force for everyone else. This is the equal and opposite (independent) ‘reaction’.

Another example is that of a Bee stinging a person. The action of the Bee manifests the effect of a sting (reflecting its action). The equal and opposite independent reaction is swelling or a rash, the severity of which is determined by how much venom (force) the Bee released at its action point.


Lastly, look at the ‘Newton’s Cradle’ above; often sold as a desk top gadget for amusement but nevertheless made to demonstrate Sir Issac Newton’s theory of cause and effect or force and motion. 

The idea is that the first ball when raised and then released will send the force behind the ball through the others and the last ball will return with the same amount of force known as the equal and opposite reaction. Yes, the force returns with equal force from the opposite side but this is just a reflection of the force put into it because it isn’t ‘reacting’ independently, just ‘falling’ or returning back naturally, but what does react is the unseen energy that the last ball ‘moved’ as it was thrown in the air by the force of the others. Unseen, but there, starting a ripple effect, affecting everything else on its path.

What we ‘affect’ by our actions is what moves everything else and it is this movement that we have set in motion that ultimately manifests an equal and opposite independent reaction in our world, manifesting new, ’Universal’ effects which affect us all. 

Now when we apply this to living life, we can see how easy it is to misuse the law of cause and effect. By believing that the reflection of our action in the form of an effect we want is where it stops leads us into a false sense of morality. This is proved by the effects we are experiencing in our world today: war, climate change, illness and disease, corruption, child trafficking and abuse - the list goes on.

Evidently then, we are not using this law correctly otherwise the effects would be the opposite.

So to properly interpret and understand the true workings of the law of cause and effect we must question what ‘affect’ (movement) our actions and/or behaviour will have on an unseen (initially) universal scale before we take it. When we want something we need to ask how everyone can get it and proceed accordingly.

If we do this, what we need and want will come to us automagically as a true equal and opposite reaction to right action or behaviour. In other words, via the ‘correct use’ of the law of cause and effect.

When we understand this, the effects in the world will be different to the ones we have got.

As the saying goes; ‘If you do what you did, You’ll get what you’ve got’…

If we continue to do what we are doing (only paying attention to the reflection we want to see from our actions for ourselves instead of what and who that action will affect), what we’ve got will only get worse.

A good place to start is to ask yourself; “In the job I do (the action) to earn money to survive (the reflection), am I beneficially ‘affecting’ the well-being of people, truth and nature (manifesting a positive equal and opposite reaction for everyone, ultimately including myself) or am I ‘affecting’ a lie and indirectly enslaving people and harming nature (manifesting a negative equal and opposite reaction for everyone, ultimately including myself )?

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