Why do we keep using the word 'Equality'...

Why do we keep using the word 'Equality'...

…when it actually means something else? 

(Websters 1828 dictionary) 

Equality; noun. An agreement of things in dimensions, quantity or quality in regard to two things compared. (…an agreement on two unequal, different points or opinions then…)

Balance: To have on each side equal weight. As balance signifies equal weight or equality, it is by custom used for the ‘weight’ or ‘sum’ necessary to make two unequal weights or sums equal’. (…the same weight then…)

The reason I say there is no such thing as equality is because equality means unity - the same - one. 

‘An agreement’ or ‘a compromise’ on two differing weights or opinions is a watered down version of the real thing so it can’t be equal because both sides are only getting some of what they want instead of all of it.

As an example, if on the scales, the EU was represented by the colour black on one side and the UK was white on the other - if they come to a ‘compromise’ or ‘agreement’ it would be grey - an uneven colour that has been watered down and nothing like the original colours. To get equality you would have to have both the EU and the UK in either all black or all white to get an even black or white to make them the same or ‘of equal weight. 

Grey (an uneven weight) is not true equality.

Why doesn’t government work? Because you always have two differing sides. ‘We are right!’ (blue); ‘No, we are right!’ (red). These can never be equal because ‘in a compromised agreement’ they make purple which is not what they want. Purple as a compromise or agreement isn’t equality because it is still different to blue or red. Equality can’t be found in two contrasting ideals anyway.

What they want is either all blue or all red making ‘equal’ impossible. That will only ever make ‘unequal’, all of the time and there is no way blue or red will agree to become purple because purple isn’t blue or red. That’s why they have to give their ‘party’ a different colour because they are NOT united. 

Under the duality of inequality we must locate the ‘ONE’, which means that only ‘inequality’ OR ‘unity’ can ever exist. So instead of using the word ‘Equality’ we need to use the word ‘Unity’ because that is what ‘Equality’ means!

Equality can never happen when different values exist. Equality or unity, comes from valuing the same motive and not by trying to make two different ideals into a watered down version of something like it. It’s about going beyond the differences to the core motive. (people or commerce perhaps?)

Currently, when we use the word equality we are actually talking about turning INEQUALITY into the same VALUE. Not a compromise or an agreement to partly get what both sides want.

Unity is about heart based value.

Black, White, Yellow, Brown skinned people equal ‘PEOPLE’. One. And crucially, this doesn’t make individual people ‘the same’ but merely ‘valued’ the same. These colours (or opinions, whatever example you wish to use) automagically merge into the same colour (or opinion) on both sides of inequality when the VALUE or MOTIVE is the same.

So we are actually looking to UNIFY value when we are on the search for equality.

Let’s take the example of a two children being given a sweet each by their Mother. One has been given a strawberry flavour, the other lemon. Strawberry is favoured over lemon. The child with the lemon flavoured sweet becomes upset, feeling they got the raw deal and that the other child was favoured because they got the best flavour. 

When we drop this scenario down to it’s core, both children want one thing. To receive the same love from their mother in equal measure (the same). The inequality of value has arisen in the child with the lemon sweet (only a misguided perception of course). A different outcome would have manifested if they had been given the same flavoured sweet by their mother - one.

In any argument, debate or competition where division (inequality and imbalance - real or imaginary) lives, the motive (value) underlying the difference must be questioned and reduced to one and that one has to have the well-being of all people at its core, as the VALUE. 

Merge the right motive and the unequal sides become equal in value and in that they become the same colour (whether it’s theirs or the others ‘colour’ makes no difference) because what you have now, is the same. One. Making ‘Them’ and ‘Us’, ‘We’. ‘WE’ is the one.

Therefore, equality = the same. The same = unity. Unity = ONE value. One value = LOVE.

Let’s look at it this for a moment. If we had one universal ‘agreement’ to live by with one common motive, like ‘do no harm to anyone’ (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually) and put a unified motive into the well-being for all by using this etiquette (rather than rule), equality or unity will be organic.

This wouldn’t mean that free will, choice or individuality and expression is removed, quite the opposite. Just that the etiquette (good manners) for living will be equal and fair (the same - one).

So there is no such thing as equality; only unity. True value or motive merged into one of the same and it’s only in the one that you find the point of balance is it not? 

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