Freedom Caused...Past Tense

Freedom Caused...Past Tense

Imagine if you will, that we have arrived. 

Humankind has emoted Universal Freedom from the powers that were. They are long gone, and through our ascended behaviours we are now living it.

No bills, no work, no fake authority, no central government, no disease, no man-made laws or their  enforcement, no mind control, no poor quality goods, no giant corporations and where neither the sword (physical violence) nor the pen (paper contracts) are mightier that the value of people.

It is where the abuse and therefore the theft of the physical, emotional, mental or energetic well-being of people and nature is wholly unaccepted and obsolete. No person on the planet would contemplate partaking in such behaviour, having full knowledge that they are not above the Law - Natural Law - The Universal Law of cause and effect.

Humankind now knows how to manifest all that is healthy for everyone, using the Universal Law of attraction - the right kind of magic. Abundance is now measured as high frequency, energetic vibration instead of material attainment. Having ‘too much’ is laughed at; the realisation that taking too much is a false economy, instead exposing spiritual inadequacy or the underdevelopment of the individual.

Those once perceived to be in the highest positions of illusory power are now recognised as having been the weakest souls in society.  

What were once perceived as ‘High status’ careers have also been flipped on their head as careers become what they truly are - ‘people who care’ - care-eer’s’. Care is paramount for the well-being of all through service, forever inspired.

Living is free. ‘Cost’ is never discussed in monetary terms - only energetic. Everyone has what they need, and some. But not too much where others can’t obtain enough. Never happens that.

There are no corporations or institutions because there is no greed, competition or illusory power. 

Law now stands for Love And Will. Love is the currency and Will is the action that follows, manifesting the best effects.

Value is no longer found in ‘things’ but ‘freedom’. The peace to move (water), create (earth), express (Air), and act (Fire) in the interests of the whole because it is fully understood that in the freedom to ‘give’  is it’s own receipt. It is health, abundance and everything in between.

So when was the turning point? You may ask.

Well it started when people lost faith in their government and they realised that Government was just a mental concept anyway which in truth, held no real value. This led them to mature and ascend in thought by releasing the belief in all previous ‘ist’s’ and ‘ism’s on the political spectrum like communism, socialism and so forth. They came to understand that these previous ‘descriptions’ of a way to live were manufactured tools to divide opinion and more importantly not allow a new way to break through because any other way would likely sound like one of those descriptions and would therefore be dismissed at the outset. 

The real breakthrough came just after that, when people’s perception of currency and value changed. 

Value became placed on an individual ‘giving’ without exchange (which became energetic currency for both parties - the giver and receiver). Where once,  every individual item or service was individually priced so that a profit could be made, to overcome this illusion of value, for a short time, all items and services became exactly the same price (the lowest denominator of that country) and people who made products and provided services were paid that lowest denominator PER MINUTE for their labour which meant that they only had to ‘work’ a couple of hours a week to buy what they needed to live.  

Because people had so much more time for life, they could serve for free once they’d worked their couple of hours a week and then the magic began. All they needed was there without the need for money. When enough people accepted that it worked in their favour as well as everyone else’s, the tide turned.

That’s when the ‘Uniforms’ were quickly removed and and burned and when the ‘suits’, ‘robes’, ‘frocks’ and ‘gowns’ ran to hide except they had no-where to go because their shame resided within them and their inadequacy was exposed for all to see. But by changing our perception of value and currency meant that they grew as people too - so it was a win-win. 

This was our destination. Now we are here. People are happier, healthier, freer and more abundant than ever before in modern times and so is our planet - simply by shifting our perception about value and currency. 

When this was achieved, the rest was easy.

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