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Hi there! Welcome to Causing Freedom…

So what’s it all about?

The content on this site discusses how we achieve freedom.

Whether it’s personal, societal or global interference that is blocking or restricting our access to it, one thing is certain and that is that freedom must be attracted or ‘caused’ to manifest in our lives and world and doesn’t need to be fought for. Freedom and fighting for it work in opposition to one another and therefore cannot occupy the same energetic space.

All blocks to freedom are manifested effects and that is all they are; as is freedom itself.  

Usually when we think we know the cause of a thing, situation or circumstance, we are actually accusing a previous effect of being the cause. All manifested effects are in fact, layers and layers of previous manifested effects and this is often where we misuse the word ‘cause’. Rarely do we question far back enough to ever get to the real cause of something and this is where we have a great misunderstanding of how cause and effect actually works.

In fact, I say that the Law of Cause and Effect has been mis-taught, misinterpreted, misunderstood and mis-practised for thousands of years and that for this reason, the world is like it is.

This is my motivation for this website. To question everything and get to its genuine cause by understanding the Law of Cause and Effect correctly.

Once we know how it truly works, we’ll at last know what we are doing and can put new causes in motion for harmonising effects - our freedom being one of them.

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Enjoy yourself!